Spring Season 🌱

1. Airdrop Spring Season

Start Date: March 16th

End Date: Before TGE. This will be announced.

The amount of points distributed daily varies depending on the daily Volume within Wen Exchange. The exact ratio is not disclosed to avoid users from manipulating the system.

2. Criteria for Point Awarding Collections

𝑥: Collection Valid criterion (currently 0.5 ETH)

Valid Collection: 24-hour Total Volume is 𝑥 ETH or more

Invalid Collection: Fails to meet the 24-hour Total Volume criterion.

The valid collection criteria are halved if the collection is less than 24 hours old.

3. Point Calculation Method

The calculation method for Sale, Bidding, and Listing points is essentially the same. Each accumulates Pre-points according to the criteria, and points are allocated pro-rata every 24 hours.

  • For example, suppose the total points to be distributed for Listing in one day is 10,000. And total accumulated listing pre-points for a day is 44,000. If User A accumulated 4,400 Pre-points among them, the allocated Listing Points for the day are 1,000 points.

    • Then, the points User A would receive today are:

      Total points allocated for Listing x (User A's Pre-point) / (Total Pre-points)

      → 10000* 4400 / 44000 = 1000 points

4. Listing point

How to earn pre-points

  1. The highest scores are given for listing at the Real Floor Price compared to other NFT Exchanges

  2. Listing at a price lower than Wen's Floor Price

  3. Close to within 30% of the Floor Price. The more you list close

  4. [Unrevealed]

  5. [Coming Soon]

Cases of exclusion

  1. If a listing is sold on another marketplace, the acquired Listing points are deleted (except for listings over 6 hours old).

  2. Sales on Wen are okay.

  3. Canceling a listing within 6 hours is invalid; over 6 hours is okay.

5. Sale point

  1. How to earn pre-points

    1. Make a deal (Sell or Buy) in a Valid Collection (daily Volume x ETH or more)

    2. Additional pre-points are awarded based on the price

    3. [Unrevealed]

    4. [Unrevealed]

6. Collection Boost

Airdrop point boosts are granted to collections according to their 24-hour sales volume. Projects from the WeNFT launchpad and selected Wen Pick Collections are eligible for a temporary boost as follows:

  • Ranks 1-3: 4x boost

  • Ranks 4-10: 2x boost

  • Ranks 11-20: 1.5x boost

7. User Boost: Top 200 Leaderboard

Airdrop points boost for rankings 1-200 users are applied for the day after. Multiply each Pre-point by its respective multiplier:

  • Ranks 1-10: 3x

  • Ranks 11-30: 2.5x

  • Ranks 31-60: 2x

  • Ranks 61-100: 1.5x

  • Ranks 101-200: 1.3x

8. WEN OG Pass Boost

Each staked Wen OG Pass receives a 5% boost, with a maximum cap set at 45%.

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