In recognition of the early adopters who have engaged with Wen Exchange on our testnet, a snapshot will be captured before the launch of the mainnet to identify eligible participants for the airdrop. These participants will not only be awarded WEN pre-tokens but will also be provided with whitelist opportunities for projects in partnership with Wen Exchange. This initiative is outlined in our commitment to acknowledge and reward the foundational community members who contribute to the platform’s early testing and development phase.

How to Earn $WEN Pre-Tokens:

Be engaged!

  1. Blast Bridging Reward: The Blast Bridging Reward is for individuals who deposited their ETH and USDC before the Blast Mainnet Launch. You need to bridge your assets to Blast to be eligible for the Blast Bridging Reward. Your reward will be credited shortly after you bridge your deposited assets to the Blast Mainnet via Blast.io Please note that the reflection of rewards in your account may take up to 2 days. ( 1 ETH = 25,000 Wen Pre Token, 1 USDC = 10 Wen Pre Token)

  2. Blur Deposit Reward: If you have deposited $BLUR at https://hold.blur.foundation, you will automatically get an extra bonus on Wen Early Access. ( 1 Blur token = 7 Wen Pre Token)

Be Social!

  1. Referral Program: You will receive a unique referral code. Invite a friend, and you will randomly earn 400 to 1000 $WEN pre-tokens plus a 15% bridging bonus for every successful referral. Your friend will earn 400 $WEN pre-tokens plus a 15% bridging bonus.

  2. Social Sharing Boost: Share a tweet about the Wen Exchange on your Twitter account to boost your WEN pre-token amount by 50%.

  3. Engagement Activity: Participate in our community discussions and activities on Discord or Telegram. Active participants will be rewarded with an additional 500 $WEN pre-tokens.

  4. Feedback Contribution: Provide valuable feedback on the testnet experience through our feedback form. Constructive feedback helps us improve and will earn you 1,000 $WEN pre-tokens as a token of our appreciation.

Get involved, spread the word, and take advantage of this unique opportunity to be part of our journey from the very beginning.

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