$WEN is not only the linchpin of Wen Exchange but also a core and innovative incentive mechanism that will be central to the upcoming 4 airdrop seasons. Wen has secured 300k early access users and is currently undergoing the Wen mainnet beta, growing fast given we started at the bottom of the ladder.


Here are the detailed allocations with the corresponding numbers for a total supply of 1,000,000,000 ($WEN):

  • Community: 55% — 550,000,000

  • Core Contributors: 22% — 220,000,000

  • Investors: 18.8% — 188,000,000

  • Advisors: 1.2% — 12,000,000

  • Treasury: 3% — 30,000,000

Vesting Schedule

The vesting schedule for $WEN is outlined as follows:

  • Community: Airdrop/LP Farming incentive system(55%) —  1. Airdrop — Spring season will be claimable before TGE. The rest of the seasons will be held after the TGE. 2. LP Farming/community incentive — these incentives will have their own vesting period.

  • Contributors: Cliff 2 months, 2 years vesting (22%)

  • Early Investors: 5% Unlock on TGE, 1.5 years vesting (5%)

  • Investors: Cliff 2 months, 2 years vesting (13.8%)

  • Advisors: 5% Unlock on TGE, Cliff 1 month, 1 year vesting (1.2%)

  • Treasury: Locked in. Executable by Wen Governance (3%)

Please note that these figures are subject to adjustments for the long-term sustainability and development of $WEN. The Token Generation Event (TGE) is scheduled to take place in early June.

$WEN Airdrop Allocation

The $WEN Airdrop Allocation is as follows:

  • Season 1 Spring: 5% of the total supply of $WEN (Beta launch to TGE)

  • Season 2 Summer: 10% of the total supply of $WEN (TBA)

  • Season 3 Fall: 12% of the total supply of $WEN (TBA)

  • Season 4 Winter: 14% of the total supply of $WEN (TBA)

41% of $WEN is allocated for distribution through airdrops to builders and creators who use Wen. Although Spring is allocated only 5%, it is expected to receive the largest token allocation compared to the Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons due to fewer competitors. Additionally, the Spring season lasts for only 2 months, making it the quickest and most effective way for you to earn the most $WEN.

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